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I am Sumeet, and I started writing blog posts on multiple subjects, with my first website being Finpins.com – be finlightened (finlightened, combination of words – finance and enlightenment) in 2019 out of a passion to empower more people with the right knowledge on money.

The more I talk to people, the more I am shocked to learn the state of financial awareness. I reflected back on my own life and realized that there’s little to no formal education provided in schools (and even colleges) regarding apparently the most important aspect of an adult life – finance! Holding on to credit card debt at 18% interest rate while keeping cash in savings account at 0.01% ! Not putting money in retirement account when employer gives away free money match! It’s appalling! Everyone’s situation is different, and for some it may be difficult to do things differently than what they are doing right now. That’s fair, I understand that and respect that. But, I’m confident that a few minor tweaks in money management strategy can go a long way.

Similarly, I created the website StartOptions.com for move advanced investors who want to go beyond traditional stock trading and step up their game with stock options.

Please take a moment to see how much you can score on the financial literacy quiz. Can you score 5/5 on it?

I also created and published a course on SkillShare, check it out! The referral link gives you one month of premium access for free!

I’m rooting for you.



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